The Great British IT Service Desk

Does it matter where your service is delivered from? 


Our customers know it matters

Our services are delivered from one state of the art facility based in the United Kingdom. 

We do not outsource or sub contract to other service desk locations at anytime.


We are awake, available and in the office 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Meaning your end users receive an excellent service experience, no matter the time of day (or night). 

Our facility allows us to monitor hundreds of thousands of devices from one location and bring that data into a facility designed to make fast, better decisions. We utilise over 37m of projection screens (think IMAX cinema, but without the popcorn) to see, translate and act to make better decisions. 

Clear data = faster response to incident, changes and problem management

By being in one geographic location we avoid known pitfalls to the follow the sun model. Process management and cultural differences that can often cause delayed response times.

We are quick to respond, quick to take action and we will provide a service that your end users will love. As well as offering a multi-lingual service from our dedicated UK based service desk.

managed. is proud to be a british company and proud to provide a Great British IT service desk.