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24x7 ITIL Compliant UK based IT, Telecom and Network Support.

ITIL Compliant UK based IT help desk outsourcing companies with "See what we See" at a glance dashboards. Whether you are looking to outsource your IT service desk, extend the capability of your existing team or engage an external party to assist with a core IT project, Managed 24/7 can assist.


IT outsourcing is about enhancing business not talking technology. Managed 24/7 work with clients not just to SLA but to also outcome and we share the risk to ensure we are all aligned with the same objectives.

Whether you want to outsource one element of your IT or the whole network, we are happy to assist you through your requirements.

We offer a transparent window via our network-monitoring portal so you can “See What We See”. This provides customers at a glance checking performance of IT against objectives.

The outcome is aligned IT with business objectives, reduction in IT overhead and measureable outcomes.

Why 24x7 UK Based Outsourced IT Support from Managed 24/7?

Work with a partner that works not just to SLA but Customer Satisfaction

Work with a partner that works not just to SLA but Customer Satisfaction

Extend the capabilities of your existing IT and Telecoms Team or outsource all services.

Extend the capabilities of your existing IT and Telecoms Team or outsource all services. You are in control at all times.

Dedicated support line for each customer

Dedicated support line for each customer aligned with qualified personnel gives a better customer experience.

Dedicated Telephone Number

All clients have a dedicated local telephone number for our service desk. If you have multiple national or international offices we can give individual numbers to each of these. The dedicated numbers allow us to direct your call directly into your team who have knowledge and experience of your systems, speeding up resolution time.


World Class Ticketing

We use Autotask for our ticketing system. Autotask is a cloud based ticketing system and we have spent 6 years in development to add lots of functionality to serve the largest global enterprise organisations. We interoperate with most ticketing systems. Also we are able to provide a fully branded ticket portal allowing you to create, manage and audit every ticket created.


We work with your existing supplier to gather documentation and carry out our own network audits prior to go live. At a date agreed with you we transition monitoring and service desk to Managed247 and give all users a launch pack that gives them all the details they need to get support. Our Project Managers handle the migration and are on hand throughout the transition. For large organisations we will place Managed247 staff on your service desk to understand your processes prior to service go-live.

Managed 24/7 are a great team. We have been working with them since 2010 and just renewed for another 3 years. Their approach is very customer centric and with our dedicated telephone number we avoid going through a triage system asking us contract numbers every time.

J.A, Professional Services Sector

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