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11 reasons why we are different

This Is Us from Managed 24/7 on Vimeo. 


There is more to Managed 24/7 than first meets the eye. 

Here are 11 reasons our customers have told us make our service stand out from the rest:

1. As our name suggests we provide 24x7x365 IT Managed Services
Your systems, applications and networks are working hard, 24x7x365. None of these things work 9-5 Mon-Fri, so we work just 24x7x365 to keep them up to date and ready to use. We are always ready to take your call, whenever you need us.

2. All support is delivered from the United Kingdom at all times of day, week and year
We do not and will never offshore anything! All support is delivered from our centre in Milton Keynes, 24x7x365, to ensure there are no communication and ticket handover issues between countries. This greatly improves the user experience and business continuity for staff in your global offices.

3. Knowledge is power - and it's yours always
We pride ourselves on our ability to build extensive and granular knowledge bases of each client’s infrastructure, capturing all the key system components and documenting them in a clear and concise manner. Once compiled, your knowledge report is available on-demand, 24x7x365. Better still, it is your IP, always.

4. We work hard so your users will never call us
We know that your users are under enough time pressures already without having to sit on the phone to IT waiting for an issue to be fixed. It’s our mission to improve your infrastructure and processes, so that your uptime is constant. It keeps us on our toes and enables your staff to be more productive. In other words we work hard so your workforce is more productive.

5. We have the tools to measure each of your employees workforce productivity
Having a deep knowledge of how IT impacts workforce productivity is a real advantage! Our unique annual YouGov survey provides us with the benchmarks for the UK, and allows us to deliver you the insight into how your employees are reacting to our service. Are we improving productivity? If not, why not? This transformation tool allows us to focus on how IT can truly improve your business and recommend what to take action on first.

6. We set out with the goal of reducing your tickets during the life of the contract
This is the best way to build a successful Managed Services partnership. We target ourselves to reduce the number of incidents you have, and we achieve this through better monitoring and alerting of your infrastructure. The end result for each of our clients is their workforce becoming more productive and profitable. It is a win - win. Simple.

7. We put the quality of our service at the beginning not the end of our KPIs
The quality of our service to customers is our first and only measure of our success. We use some really great tools to monitor the quality of the service we deliver, but don't just take our word for it. We are BSI-accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000 and ISO27001.  

8. We are built to extend the capability and resource of your existing IT team
Our service is designed to wrap around existing IT teams. We empower the teams with enterprise tools and introduce them to the latest technology to both improve company productivity, and to allow IT teams to be more effective in their roles. Our award-winning service desk extend our clients IT teams’ capability by delivering either 1st line, 1st-2nd line, or full 1st-3rd line support in the times the client most need it, any time 24x7x365. We remove the need for blurry eyed engineers to patch services at 3am. We will do it and report back.

9. We are big into automation and analytics
So much so we created a dedicated team four years ago. There are not enough certified human beings on the planet to cope with the next 10 years growth in digital transformation and IoT. Add cyber security into the mix and it's doomed. Automation allows engineers to make better decisions, faster, and more accurately. Come and see our advances and discuss our vision for automation.

10. We have won awards for what we do. A lot of awards
It's always nice to win an award or two. However we do not enter awards for awards' sake. As well as featuring in the Sunday Times Tech 100 we have won the CRN Managed Service Provider of the year (an industry Oscar) three years in a row! So we must be doing something right!

11. We have a dedicated ITIL team for you
It's important to us that your IT support is fully managed from beginning to end. That is why our highly qualified and fully trained UK-based ITIL agents handle the full suite of dedicated Service Desk functions for Managed 24/7’s customer base:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Transition and Onboarding
  • 24/7 365 UK based IT Support
    • First Line Support
    • Second Line Support
    • Third Party Management
    • IT Service Request Fulfillment

ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world, with ITIL best practices providing a framework for us to manage your IT services more effectively.

Ok - you have heard all about us and what makes us unique but we want to know about you.

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