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MANAGED - COVID19 Statement

Dear Customer / Partner

Managed are continuing to closely monitor the rapidly evolving developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our first task was to initiate steps to ensure the safety and wellness of our employees, including the implementation of travel restrictions (both internationally and domestically) and an "all remote working" policy from Wednesday 18th March 2020. I am pleased to report this move was seamlessly executed and all services remained and have continued to remain fully operational.

We have worked with our customers to ensure their ability to work remotely where possible and also the industry where other service partners have needed assistance.

All physical offices are now closed to visitors and employees other than for exceptional circumstances and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Please send any communications electronically as postal services will be delayed until further notice.

The Managed senior management team will continue to monitor the situation and take the appropriate actions as necessary.

Our website will now show our operational status on the first page and I will update you with any updates via this channel and via our management team.

I fully appreciate this is a very concerning time for many UK businesses and employees. I would like to re-assure you of our full support for any individual needs a business may have please do get in touch.

Thank you

John Pepper CEO & Founder


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