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Why we moved from legacy CCTV to cloud based video and why you should too

Posted on 26th Mar 2018 by John Pepper Cisco Meraki

The last great change in business CCTV technology was the move from a separate system to one sat on the Local and Wide area network. Devices powered by Power over Ethernet and an on-premise video server holding the recordings.

Since that time we have seen home security and CCTV systems such as Nest move leaps and bounds into secure cloud based video. Many businesses are running legacy video security products that make home technology look far more advanced.

In early 2018  Managed24/7 looked to replace our legacy CCTV system that covered two key sites.

Our core requirements were the following:-

  • Cameras powered by Power over Ethernet (direct replacement) so no additional costs
  • Allow key members of team to access the live and recorded video content 24x7
  • Video is kept for minimum of 90 days
  • Secure camera and cloud based storage
  • Ability to recognise people rather than false alerts from sunny day triggers etc.
  • Delete video recordings over time that had no motion to minimise trawling through hours of video to find an event

We are a Cisco Meraki partner and have been suitably impressed with their latest camera technology. We replaced our legacy CCTV in a couple of hours simply and easily. Key members of the team were given access to an easy to use cloud based control panel so they could see the sites they needed to see. The whole thing was an incredibly smooth process.

The Cisco Meraki MV12 range of cloud managed security video have local SSD storage and cloud based video recordings and replaced our legacy Axis cameras perfectly. 

Immediately we were able to see high traffic area analytics and key events. For example it will recognise faces. Could there be a day when legacy clocking in systems are replaced with this technology? We believe so.

Alerts are now people based, so we could in theory understand if somebody accessing our facilities at 3am is a member of our staff or somebody it does not recognise and only alert when it is the latter. 

Simple management, easy installation and we now have better business CCTV than at employees homes. 

Managed 24/7 currently has an offer on Cisco Meraki, click here to find out more.

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