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Why Centralising your Security Solutions can be a Force Multiplier

Posted on 27th Sep 2019 by Managed 24/7 Marketing Cyber Security

Over the life cycle of an information system within a business, security elements can become disorganised as they are added on in accordance with requirements and budgets. This can lead to a large selection of - on their own - very effective tools, combined into a confusing and disjointed overall security capability.

For the Security Analysts or IT team handling these tools, maintaining standards and ensuring prompt response can be difficult – They see a lot of noise, in multiple portals/panes of glass.

Centralising and concentrating these efforts can almost instantly improve your security. We’ve selected 4 key reasons why your company should look to centralise their security as a first step to becoming safer as Cyber Crime rates increase:

Overall Visibility & Event Correlation – If an analyst is spending their day flicking between multiple information feeds, they’re likely to miss two smaller events which may, when combined, constitute an indicator of compromise. When all your information feeds are landing in the same place, it’s much easier for the person on the receiving end to add context to concurrent events and draw the lines between events.

Response Time & Information Gathering – When an event (or number of events) are considered an incident, it is important that all response is efficient and comprehensive. Being able to gather most (if not all) of the information you require from one place allows the responder to compile forensics and evidence quickly and with minimal margin for error – This can be the difference between being able to learn for next time, and being left wide open for the exact same type of incident to happen again.

Manpower – This concept can be applied to almost any IT service; When you’re saving the administrator, analysts and responders time and effort, you’re facilitating a more lean team – The savings here can often far surpass the investment of centralising your security portfolio.

Routine Maintenance and Standards– Contrary to popular belief, many studies have proven that multitasking is impossible; For everyone, even you! When a team has too many “balls in the air”, they are doomed to drop one or two. In Cybersecurity, this can mean a rule isn’t updated, or a machine on the network goes undetected or unmanaged. Help your network defenders to concentrate on the task at hand by ensuring they are not overstimulated by multiple information feeds from multiple directions, and the consistency and standards of your systems will improve.

The moral of the story?  Empowering one team to have an input into the management and analysis of all your security tools will allow them to add context to the bigger security picture, and centralising the information they receive to do that will mean they have the power to be diligent and leave no stone unturned.


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