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What makes our Out of Hours service different?

At Managed 24/7, we’re just that a 24/7 managed IT service provider who can support your business day or night, 365 days a year. We’ve got you covered, to ensure your business can continue to change and grow.

We sat down with Matthew Taylor, our Out of Hours Service Desk Team Leader and spoke to him about what makes a great 24 hour IT Service Desk.

What do you think is important about having an out of hours service desk? 

Our out of hours team are extremely important both to us and our customers. They are the team working behind the scenes to keep our customers’ systems updated and running smoothly.

Our team monitor our customers and our own environment at all times. When work/ updates need to be done on a customer’s infrastructure, the out of hours team can do this to ensure there are no disruptions during normal offices hours that may affect our customer’s workforce.   

They are also on hand to react to situations that may go wrong and can deal with those situations efficiently, so when a customer goes into work in the morning, they are aware and prepared for any situation. The team also support offices all over the world and are on the other end of the phone to help solve issues, no matter where they are taking place.

Why is it important that Managed has a UK based 24 hours service desk?

It is important for the Managed 24/7 team to be UK based because it helps ensure constant seamless customer service from day to night. We can ensure the level of service is uniform and consistent because it’s all our own people rather than outsourcing to another firm or even another country, all our agents share an office and they all know each other which helps to ensure the handover of tasks each day is always clear and complete.

We also have the ability to monitor our customer service whether it’s day or night to make sure our customers are getting the very best service possible. Our out of hours team know our customers just as well as the team who work during the day, meaning our customers are dealing with fully trained agents who understand their business at all times. 

We work as one team - whether that is day or night.

 What would you say makes a good out of hours service? 

We don’t hold a different standard of service for day or night service desk. For us, good service is good service, across the board, always. No matter the time of day we hold all our analysts to a high standard.

Although out of hours can face other issues due to the time they are working, they have been trained on effective communication both internally and with the customer for consistent transparency no matter the time of day. They have the technical knowledge to support all customers and transition the service from night to day.

What do you think is the best part of working with Managed from a customer’s perspective? 

There are alot of great things that our out of hours service team can offer. Our monitoring services are something that we are very proud of, ensuring our customers’ systems are constantly operational. The team excel at responding quickly to issues that come in. We have a great team that offer a high standard of service. To us, our customers are just as important no matter the time of day (or night) and our out of hours team aim to make sure the standard doesn’t drop and this is something that we feel is truly important to our customer.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“The best thing about Managed 24/7 isn’t necessarily what they provide, it comes from their attitude . It’s all about getting in, having a look at our challenges and seeing how they can help us solve them. I think Managed 24/7 are the best service provider we have ever used.”

Stuart Mackcracken – Head of IT, Virgin Trains


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Managed 24/7 is an award winning, UK based IT managed services provider, which delivers a seamless 24x7x365 extension to end users in key areas, including: IT managed services, network & application monitoring, consultancy & professional services and workforce productivity tools. Through its unique combination of monitoring technologies, business intelligence and analytics, Managed 24/7 focuses on delivering better workforce productivity for its clients by solving issues before they become employee affecting.

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