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Out of Hours IT Support: Meet Lucy

Posted on 06th Apr 2018 by Managed 24/7 Marketing it support

Outsourced IT support in London and around the UK is easy to find. A business to help you providing outsourced IT support. However, your IT systems and applications never sleep, they never work 9am to 5.30pm, so why should your outsourced IT support? 

Here at Managed 24/7 we pride ourselves in having an award winning 24/7 365 service desk based within the UK. We do not and never will outsource your work to third parties around the world when you clock off at 5pm. We run a dedicated out of hours support desk which continues to take care of your IT tickets whilst you sleep. Why? Because there is often a cultural and process disconnect when running a follow the sun model of support and because we want to ensure your systems are available to staff when they come into work. 

The work completed during the night is critical to the health of IT support to ensure we assist in raising workforce productivity with your employees and in turn allowing your business to give an even better customer experience.

Meet Lucy Copas, Out of Hours Service Desk Team Leader at Managed 24/7

Lucy Managed 247Lucy has worked within the technology sector for over 4 years and runs the out of hours service desk team.

“My role at Managed 24/7 is to ensure that my team have everything that they need to provide the best customer service. Whilst also ensuring productivity and efficiency with their day to day tasks. This in turn helps us deliver outstanding results for our customers”.

Lucy started working within the IT industry as a First Line Analyst and quickly progressed to working at Managed 24/7 as a Second Line Analyst which she recently got promoted to Service Desk Team Leader. “Since working at Managed 24/7 I have gained a large amount of knowledge of customers processes, technical knowledge and also how to use my time efficiently, providing the best customer service possible whilst also ensure the end customers issues are resolved quickly.

Being a UK based MSP does not mean the excellent service stops once our customer UK offices close. We work with many of our customers international subsidiaries that are right across the globe from Australasia to the USA. . These customers are able to call or email at any time and have the confidence that there is someone looking into their issue. Out of Hours is also vital as we monitor our clients’ networks 247. If a server or network was to go down, we would know about this straight away and we have the ability to investigate and or call a third line engineer to investigate right away.

There is a vast array of work that is carried out on maintaining and securing IT systems through the night. We work with maintenance windows for upgrading and patching ensuring that systems are available when staff come in first thing in the morning. Work that simply cannot happen during the day without effecting customers staff and customers.

Working on OOH we need to be able to manage our time effectively. We prioritise our work, so we can ensure the highest priority is actioned firstly and then work our way down. We also need to have attention to detail and focus. We may receive several notifications that a customer site has gone down but we may have also received communication from the day shift team to advise there is scheduled maintenance at this site. Being on the ball for all issues enables us to work effectively and to the highest standard.

Knowing our customers and processes is also a key skill to have on OOH’s. Our clients all have different technology, applications and processes, knowing these gives us a huge advantage when it comes to resolving customers issues. We capture and update much of our knowledge systems through the night.

Working through the night may seem like an incredibly lonely thing to do, but we have a great team with great processes that works like a machine. It is an incredibly varied and exciting role for which I am proud to be the team leader". 

Managed 24/7 offer a range of services for your businesses’ IT requirements. Read more here or get in touch to discuss our solutions to your challenges.

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