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The Motor Neurone Disease Association engages managed 24/7 to safeguard critical network operations

Posted on 09th Nov 2015 by Managed 24/7 Marketing New Business

With almost 8,000 members and over 3,000 active volunteers, the Motor Neurone Disease Association has enlisted Managed 24/7’s services to upgrade its core firewall and switching network to the latest Cisco technology.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND) is the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focused on motor neurone disease care, research and campaigning.

With almost 8,000 members and over 3,000 active volunteers it has enlisted Managed 24/7’s services to upgrade its core firewall and switching network to the latest Cisco technology. The MND Association will also benefit from Managed 24/7’s predictive monitoring IT support service to facilitate future growth and inform the charity’s IT strategy in line with evolving business needs.

Following an initial onsite review with Managed 24/7, it was identified that the MND Association’s existing infrastructure had performance issues, some single points of failure, and no room to accommodate a proposed expansion in staff numbers. Managed 24/7 will replace the organisation’s ageing Cisco hardware, mitigate against the risk of hardware failure, remove redundant firewall rules, improve overall network performance and eliminate potential challenges, whilst facilitating future growth and increasing demands on bandwidth.

In order to best support the MND Association’s IT team, they required a partner who could design, implement and manage the more complex underlying infrastructure.

Simon Cooper, Head of ICT at the Association said: “Unfortunately we came to a point were we no longer felt we had the right level of skills or the bandwidth internally to monitor our network activity as effectively as we need to. Having assisted us with a network issue back in late 2014, we invited Managed 24/7 to pitch to us, along with 3-4 other service providers. The reason Managed 24/7 won our business was that they ensured that their proposal was not only competitively priced, but balanced in terms of our specific requirements as a charity and what we want to achieve as a business.”

Rather than provide a simple one-time consultancy solution, Managed 24/7 is offering the Association a full end-to-end solution from the design and implementation through to aftersales monitoring and management, providing full network visibility and essentially becoming an extension of the IT department. With its depth of in-house Cisco expertise it will crucially manage and support the team without the Association needing to invest in expensive support agreements.

Simon added: “We have been working full time with Managed 24/7 since May 2015 and although we are in the early stages of development, our experience to date has been great. The team has listened and worked closely with staff and importantly has been flexible in fitting into our existing projects.

“Due to its accreditations, Cisco Gold partnership and their ethos of using predictive analytics to identify any potential network issues before they happen, we have the confidence that Managed 24/7 has the right level of expertise to help support us both now and in the future”. 

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