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Managed247 Sets Sail with Eyes on the Silicon Cup

Posted on 01st Sep 2014 by Managed 24/7 Marketing Our People

With Two Days at Sea and Rotating Teams - Managed247 Set Sail with eyes on the Silicon Cup

Sailing a 43ft yacht takes team work, clear communication and a lot of effort.

All Managed 24/7 staff members set sail in July 2014 to train for the Silicon Cup. When not sailing, Management and staff manned the offices to cover for their colleagues ensuring quality of service at all times.

The team were blessed with incredible weather on both days and were taught key team working and sailing skills. It was one of the most memorable days for everyone involved.

Sharon Harper, Services Delivery Director commented “It was such a fabulous experience for everybody. A fantastic opportunity for people to work together doing something none of us had done before. We were a strong team before we set sail, but we now have an even better understanding of how to work together to achieve our goals. 

It was not only team work at sea. We had team work in the office whilst others were at Sea – pulling together all departments to ensure we delivered the exceptional customer satisfaction levels our customers expect from Managed 24/7

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