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Managed 24/7 Delivers Internet Connectivity to Oxford Business Park

Posted on 13th Aug 2013 by Managed 24/7 Marketing New Business



The recent announcement that Oxfordshire County Council and BT are to jointly invest in Oxfordshire’s connectivity by 2015 is too slow for many rural businesses. With the ever increasing business demands for better internet connectivity a landlord and his tenants have combined forces to provision next generation internet fibre connectivity to an office development near Bicester. Richard Carlton, owner of Lower Farm Barns in Bucknell has 7 office tenants in barn conversions ranging from 500 sq ft to 2,500 sq ft. 

Richard comments, “All of my tenants are professional businesses which rely on the internet and their businesses were suffering due to slow broadband speeds. I was faced with a tenants’ revolt and either had to look at ways for improving the broadband service or losing my tenants”. Richard Venables of commercial agents, VSL & Partners, coordinated the approach between landlord and tenants. Richard comments, “The broadband arena is complex and we faced a steep learning curve to ensure we had the right service and at the right price. We ended up instructing Managed 24/7 from Milton Keynes to provide a managed internet connectivity package which now offers each of our tenant’s internet speeds of between 10 mb and 100 mb with scope to scale to new tenants as they join the development. Whilst there are initiatives to extend broadband throughout the County it is taking its time to get to rural offices so we took decisive action and now have a unique facility with all the tenants have renewed their leases and are happy with the outcome”.

John Pepper of Managed247 an IT services and Telecommunications business based in Milton Keynes comments, “Internet access and speed of that connectivity is a key consideration for any tenant moving into new premises. It could almost be classed as the fourth utility. Forward thinking landlords are ensuring they have the right services in place for their tenants and we are very proud to have delivered this service to the development and its current and future tenants.” 

For further information please contact Richard Venables at VSL & Partners.

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