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Managed 24/7 leads thought leadership session at CIO UK Summit 2015

Posted on 16th Nov 2015 by Managed 24/7 Marketing Events

It’s now just days away until one of the UK’s most anticipated and forward-thinking annual technology events, the CIO UK Summit, and we’re excited to announce our CEO and founder, John Pepper, will take a leading role in this year’s agenda.

Heading up one of the event’s renowned thought leadership sessions on Wednesday 18 November, John will discuss the journey to achieving the 100% uptime now in demand by many IT teams, and how this relates to the growing trend of internet of everything.

CIOs and IT executives of all industries, whether healthcare, finance, insurance, government, telecom, utilities, education or any other, are being challenged by the many thousands, if not millions, of connected devices. Couple this with the reliance on a more complex, broader range of applications situated in hyper-converged, hybrid public and private cloud environments, and we have a complex problem on our hands that will form the basis of John’s session.

The talk will explore how Predictive Managed Services (PMS) and Business Intelligence (BI) is playing a vital role in ensuring services remain accessible and secure, using real world examples of where nothing less than 100% uptime will do. Attendees will leave the 30-minute CIO UK Summit session with:

  • An understanding of the use of Predictive Managed Services to deliver 100% uptime in complex environments
  • A benchmark of their organisation against others
  • A clear understanding as to how others are tackling the issues
  • An understanding of the impact and management of the Internet of Everything

If you are attending the CIO UK summit and this sounds beneficial to your business, we very much hope to see you at John’s thought leadership session – The Journey to 100% Uptime & The Internet of Everything – that starts at 2.35pm, and to receiving your feedback. If you’d like to contact us in the meantime, we’d love to hear from you on 0800 033 4800, or tweet us @managed247

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