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Managed 24/7 announces partnership with Restore Technology

Posted on 11th Mar 2019 by Managed 24/7 Marketing Our Partners

Managed 24/7 have established a partnership with Restore Technology, one of five divisions of Restore PLC. Restore Technology is a highly successful support service company offering safe and secure services in relocations, document storage, shredding, scanning, and much more.

Through the new partnership Managed 24/7 will provide their customers with reliable and highly certified partner to complete pre, mid and end-of-life services for your IT equipment.

Pre-life services which primarily deal with new equipment such as IT refreshes, imaging and deployment. Mid-life services cover operational assets and include relocation services or technical support. Finally, end-of-life services are tailored towards no-longer-needed assets, which we can be securely disposed of for data security.

The partnership will benefit both Managed 24/7 and Restore Technology customers whilst integrating services will ensure data security procedures are up to standard and that their IT infrastructure is streamlined and under control.

Steve Talbot, Managing Director of Restore Technology said “We are excited to partner with Managed 24/7 and are confident that this will deliver benefit and value to the customers of both companies. The two businesses are well positioned to complement the other, allowing our clients to easily and conveniently choose from a broad range of IT services, delivering greater satisfaction and simplicity in what can be a complex industry to navigate.”

John Pepper, CEO & Founder of Managed 24/7 commented “The Restore/Managed 24/7 partnership allows us to deliver extended capabilities to our clients, from re-location services through to asset lifecycle management. Our focus on delivering services from the UK and our customer base are very complimentary and we are all very excited to be engaging across the teams. Our customers will be able to tap into these additional services whilst we continue to deliver our award winning IT managed services.”

For more information on Restore Technology visit their website here.

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