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Managed 24/7 and Tegile – World Leading Flash Storage

Posted on 22nd Oct 2019 by Managed 24/7 Marketing Tegile Our Partners

The team at Managed 24/7 regularly engage with organisations of varying sizes, ranging from 250 to 10,000 users. As part of our active role in each of these Co-Managed Service relationships, we regularly design and implement new technologies, providing several solutions to different challenges faced in each organisation’s sector. One of the key challenges we are asked to tackle is storage. Data only ever increases in size, but not only is capacity important, we have to look at addressing the ever-growing requirement for better performance.

Over the past few years, the flash storage market has become increasingly competitive with larger firms acquiring storage specialists, such as HP and Nimble. However, amongst some of the manufacturing giants, there are a small number of storage specialists that lead the way in new technology and forward-thinking ideas. 

Early in 2018 the Managed 24/7 commercial team began to review the storage market again as a number of existing enterprise clients had engaged with us to help design and implement a future proof storage solution, forming part of their technology roadmap and IT strategy. It was at this point that the team engaged with Tegile, a storage vendor founded in 2010 situated in Silicon Valley, California. Tegile’s primary offering is to design and implement all-flash and hybrid storage arrays that help organisations eliminate storage silos, simplify storage management, and reduce costs by consolidating all of their workloads onto a single flash platform.

It was clear that after our initial technical workshops with Tegile, they offered a class leading product, perfect for not only the existing projects Managed were working on, but for future engagements in the enterprise sector.

Since our relationship began, Managed have successfully implemented several Tegile based infrastructure solutions, providing extremely high performing storage supporting:

  • VDI environments for a resource hungry Motorsport Manufacturer, large educational establishment and internationally dispersed recruitment business
  • Rapid database performance for two international banking clients
  • A new private cloud infrastructure for a giant global food services organisation
  • A government advising HR and people development company with 150,000 members across the globe


With first-hand experience implementing Tegile’s technology into our clients’’ infrastructures, we have concluded that they offer the perfect solution to organisations with challenges such as:

  • Aging storage arrays with regular disk failure or out of support
  • Slow performing spinning disks
  • Increased demand for high IOPs and low latency
  • Growing need for data deduplication

Tegile have recently been classed as visionaries in Gartner’s Solid-State Array (SSA) Magic Quadrant. This marks the third consecutive year Gartner has named Tegile as a Visionary in this report. 

The Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays represents vendors that sell into the enterprise end-user market with specific branded SSAs. Each vendor in the Magic Quadrant is evaluated based on its ability to execute (product/service, overall viability, sales execution/pricing, market responsiveness/record, marketing execution, customer experience and operations) and its completeness of vision (market understanding, marketing strategy, sales strategy, product strategy, business model, vertical/industry strategy, innovation and geographic strategy).

 “Tegile’s memory-first architecture has been at the forefront of the flash storage revolution since 2012, fuelled by our mission to deliver one flash platform for any enterprise workload,” said Rohit Kshetrapal, CEO of Tegile. “Our recognition as a ‘Visionary’ for the third consecutive year by Gartner speaks to our dedication to bringing the flexibility and performance that today’s businesses need to stay competitive.”

Tegile Systems is pioneering a new generation of persistent-memory storage solutions that deliver exceptional performance and economics for a wide range of enterprise applications. Each array is engineered to support multiple grades of storage media and include a full suite of advanced data services, multi-protocol support, and robust management capabilities. Most recently, Tegile upgraded their award-winning IntelliFlash HD array to enable businesses to seamlessly transition to Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe), without the risk or resources required by other storage vendors.

Top Storage Challenges

Tegile are constantly soliciting feedback to see what they’re doing right and what they could be doing better. To that end, they recently conducted a customer survey. Tegile reached out to customers large and small—from a wide range of industries. They asked them 10 questions about what challenges they had before deploying Tegile flash storage arrays, what their environment looks like and what improvements they’ve seen as a result of using the hybrid and/or all-flash storage solutions.

Typically, these customers had been using traditional storage solutions from the older vendors like Dell, EMC, and NetApp, but those solutions were clearly not meeting their needs:

  • 67% of respondents needed to upgrade their outdated storage
  • 58% of respondents needed a storage solution that would support their increased use of virtualization
  • 49% of respondents were looking to improve existing application response times
  • 42% of respondents were looking for a storage solution that would support their business’ growth strategy
  • 32% of respondents were looking to eliminate high costs for upgrades and maintenance

Tegile’s customers use a wide range of different enterprise applications. Nearly 80% of the respondents report use VMware vSphere. More than two-thirds are running SQL Server databases. Tegile arrays can increase transaction throughput by 10x, deliver sub-millisecond latency, and dramatically reduce a customers’ storage footprint. Tegile arrays are also Microsoft certified for SQL Server 2014 and 2012. What’s more, they publish reference architectures that give customers a step-by-step deployment guide.

Unified Flash Storage

While other flash upstarts talk about adding true multi-protocol support, Tegile have done it. Tegile flash storage arrays natively support iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, and CIFS/SMB—simultaneously. The survey results show a relatively even spread across all the protocols. More importantly, 53% of respondents report using more than one storage protocol with their Tegile arrays. 

Flash Competition

Tegile know that customers do their due diligence, often being guided by partners such as Managed 24/7. Managed don’t solely rely on analyst reports or buyers’ guides. We often perform POCs and head-to-head bake-offs. No other vendor in the industry offers the performance, capacity, and economics that Tegile do. Of all respondents, 64% had considered Nimble Storage before ultimately choosing Tegile. Thirty-nine percent of them considered NetApp before ultimately choosing Tegile storage.

Creating Value

Tegile wanted to know where exactly customers plan to get the most value from their Tegile arrays. These were their responses:

  • 62% plan to use their Tegile storage to improve end-user productivity. This is especially the case for customers running VDI; end users have come to expect a virtual-desktop experience that’s equal to or better than they had using a physical desktop. In fact, one of their customers reduced boot times from 18 minutes down to 14 seconds!
  • 49% plan to use their Tegile storage to control operating expenses. Tegile arrays excel here because they can shrink an organisation’s storage footprint by up to 90%.
  • 36% plan to use their Tegile storage to accelerate the development of new products and services. Customers can create read/write clones of production databases. This enables them to get new applications into production faster without consuming a lot of storage space.

Tegile flash arrays are designed to accelerate applications and drive unheard of efficiencies; so, they asked their customers how quickly they anticipate seeing a return on their storage investment. Of respondents, 90% said they expect to see an ROI in 24 months or less. After drilling down a bit further we see that 51% of them expect to see an ROI in 12 months or less.

To effectively measure customer satisfaction they asked, “How likely is it that you would recommend Tegile to a friend or colleague?” Of respondents, 92% said that they’d recommend Tegile.


Managed 24/7 work closely with customers to identify exactly which technology is right for their organisation. When considering new storage solutions and starting your journey into the world storage, we would recommend following this simple guide to help you select the right product:

  • Understand your workloads
  • Monitor actual ongoing performance characteristics
  • As you hit a “tipping point” consider the next level of storage
  • Don’t count out All-Flash because it is expensive (if it’s the right solution, it’s the right solution)
  • Consider working with a vendor that can step you into what you need, without forcing you into an all-flash or hybrid solution
  • Find a strategic IT partner such as Managed 24/7 that can guide you through this process and provide real world case studies of success stories.

Contact our Sales team if you would like to discuss what Tegile has to offer your organisation.

Telephone: 0800 033 4800

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