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Major Productivity Gap Posing Ongoing Threat to UK Economy

Managed 24/7, an award winning UK IT support business, has released a new report which highlights the severity of the impact on productivity in the UK stemming from IT issues.

Since the start of the recession in 2008, the UK has been facing an ongoing productivity crisis.  However, this report outlines the extent of the problems caused by a lack of effective IT infrastructure in companies across the UK.  Not many years ago, productivity in the UK was increasing year on year, and performing strongly, globally; today we are lagging far behind many developed and developing countries.

This is very worrying news for British businesses which are struggling to survive in a burgeoning global economy, since recent figures released from Managed 24/7’s YouGov survey show that the annual cost to the UK’s economy could be as high as £35 billion as the average UK private sector organisation is losing approximately £1,221.12 per employee, per year due to IT services. It’s no surprise that productivity is suffering! Not only has Managed 24/7’s study been able to put a price on the nation’s annual productivity crisis, it has also outlined some of the major IT issues which private sector employees are experiencing in the workplace.  This allows us collectively to know what to focus on, to improve the UK’s business productivity performance.

More than half of all workers reported that slow-running computer systems seriously impact their ability to complete their daily tasks. Connection failures and outdated equipment followed close behind.  The sectors most impacted by these issues are the retail, hospitality, legal, and financial sectors.

Compounding all these ongoing problems is reported feedback that over a third of workers also struggle to access adequate IT support. This is especially the case in companies with 500 employees or more, where issues can take more than a day to be resolved. This is only further compounding the organisation’s productivity.  It comes as no surprise, then, that over a quarter of all staff try to resolve the problems they experience on their own –which can result in even further delays and issues.

It is clear that the UK industry has a long way to go in terms of improving poorly managed and outdated IT business infrastructure if the gap between our nation’s productivity and that of our closest rivals is to be closed.

This is where Managed 24/7 can provide essential assistance.

Thanks to our extensive YouGov survey, we have the key information you need relating to the time lost due to IT problems for your business sector.

By sharing this information with you, we can help you boost your company’s productivity, drive forward your organisation’s profits and identify key areas for future investment, to help your business thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Interested in bridging the productivity gap and moving forward into a more profitable future? 


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Managed 24/7 is an award winning, UK based IT managed services provider, which delivers a seamless 24x7x365 extension to end users in key areas, including: IT managed services, network & application monitoring, consultancy & professional services and workforce productivity tools. Through its unique combination of monitoring technologies, business intelligence and analytics, Managed 24/7 focuses on delivering better workforce productivity for its clients by solving issues before they become employee affecting.

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