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Maintain or Innovate?

Posted on 05th May 2016 by John Pepper MSP Blog

With IT budgets and teams under constant pressure, how do you split your efforts? Maintain or Innovate?

Recent studies have shown 82% of IT budgets are used to maintain systems and keep the status quo. Leaving just 18% of budgets to drive new innovations and creativity. 

The maintaining of core IT business systems has not changed since the 1980's. The methods and principals of maintaining and operating IT has never been challenged. We rely on break-fix contracts as an insurance policy for when things go wrong and whilst you could easily say "it works", we at Managed 24/7 would say "it doesn't". Break fix today should only play a very small part in the IT budget, the last layer not the first.

For a business to stay ahead of aggressive global competition, build efficiency and a better customer experience what sense is there in allowing systems to go down and then "fixing them"? Maintaining IT & Telecoms systems has never been challenged. Until now. 

Predictive Analytics moves us to a model of spotting trends. With trends comes the ability to gain deep insight and understanding of how our systems are running and more importantly to fix issues before they affect the business supply chain, employees or customers. They allow us to plan budgets years ahead of time depending on demand and ensure systems are always available.

With so much emphasis on maintaining IT systems in IT budgets, there has never been a better time to review the strategies we use to innovate and create new ways of doing things. 

Imagine if the 82% was reversed and IT teams were let loose to develop new applications, analytics and management information to better serve the business, employees and customers? What would that look like in your business?

Predictive analytics and Predictive Managed Services drives lower cost in maintaining IT & Telecoms. Most of all it allows IT & Telecoms teams to focus less on maintain and concentrate on creating and innovating.

We think its time to rethink everything that has been done before. Benchmark your suppliers and become innovative.

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