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How does your IT Service Provider or MSP score out of 30?

Posted on 09th Feb 2018 by Managed 24/7 Marketing MSP Blog

Choosing an IT Service Provider or IT Managed Service Provider MSP.

Adoption of always available technology in 2018

Without using the usual boring technical jargon we all know that employees, workers, business owner and our customers are using technology very differently in 2018 than we did ten years ago.

The ability to access anything securely whilst enjoying our favourite cup of coffee is no longer a vision, but reality. We live in an always connected, always available world where everything is 24x7 even if our office based employees come into the office at 9am and leave at 5pm.

Why 9-5 and 24-5 IT Services is no longer fit for purpose

Ten years ago, IT teams were regularly working similar patterns of work hours to non-IT employees. Internal service desk teams may have been extended with pagers and maintenance windows with IT personnel on call to assist. However in 2018, whilst non-IT employees may be sleeping at night, the systems that they and your customers are looking to access are not. They are wide awake and somebody needs to be maintaining, monitoring and patching systems.

Pressure is now on for all IT teams to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The majority of larger businesses will have this in place or use a follow the sun model for global business operations however modern business of all sizes now need around the clock IT services.

How to score your existing IT Service Provider / MSP

Many businesses turn to IT Managed Service Providers (MSP) to deliver and wrap additional capability around existing IT service teams. This is a win win for both MSP and the internal IT teams. However whilst there now as many IT Managed Service Providers in the UK as hamburger restaurants there are some key questions to ask.

  • Is your IT Service Provider really 24x7x365?  
    • 10 points for yes
    • 5 points for "sort of"
    • 0 points for no

  • Does your IT Service Provider deliver service from the UK?
    • 10 points for yes
    • 5 points for "sort of"
    • 0 points for no

  • Are all of your chosen IT Service Provider engineers physically at the office watching, patching and wide awake?
    • 10 points for yes
    • 5 points for "sort of"
    • 0 points for no

Translating the results:-

30+ Fit for 2018. Albeit costs may be high without automation
15-25 Time to ensure the service is delivering to your business growth
Less than 15 - You need to talk to us

(oh - and yes we do score 30!)

Its a matter of scale

IT Service providers / MSP's love the sound of 24x7x365 service. That is because it is the only way in 2018 you can extend customer IT teams capability and drive uptime and workforce productivity. However it costs a lot of money to deliver and many will choose short cuts. So there are very few IT Service Providers / MSP's doing it. However there are a few and Managed 24/7 is one of them. 

See our ten reasons to use Managed 24/7 to read how we are so different. Here 

Don't just take our word for it, CRN have awarded Managed 24/7 as Managed Service Provider of the Year 2016, 2017 and 2018. We must be doing something right!

About the Author

Managed 24/7 Marketing

Managed 24/7 is an award winning, UK based IT managed services provider, which delivers a seamless 24x7x365 extension to end users in key areas, including: IT managed services, network & application monitoring, consultancy & professional services and workforce productivity tools. Through its unique combination of monitoring technologies, business intelligence and analytics, Managed 24/7 focuses on delivering better workforce productivity for its clients by solving issues before they become employee affecting.

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