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Getting Hands on with Windows 10

Posted on 02nd Feb 2015 by Managed 24/7 Marketing Microsoft

A review of Windows 10 by Pritesh Mistry, a Senior Technical Consultant from Managed 24/7

I work for Managed 24/7, a UK based Microsoft Gold Partner and I have been part of the Windows 10 BETA program. I would like to take this opportunity of talking through some of the more relevant features of the release for end users and technical teams.

There has been some positive feedback from the technical community and it looks that this version of Windows is focused around a mobile-first, cloud first world model. With more people using the cloud this seems like an exciting edition from Microsoft.

Here are some of the points of interest on Windows 10…

Start menu: The familiar Start menu is back, but it brings with it a new customisable space for your favourite applications and Live Tiles. I’ve heard from a lot of customers who say they felt with Windows 8/8.1 there was a loss of contact with the desktop. Yes it was still there, but the main focus was on the Start Menu and it did limit what users could be moved or changed on the desktop. Well Windows 10 combines all of the good characteristics of both systems without losing any of the convenience of previous builds. I feel this is defiantly a good move from Microsoft as I felt Windows 8/8.1 was a bit messy with flipping between the Desktop and Start Menu.

Quadrant Layout: Now you can have four applications snapped on the same screen with a new quadrant layout. I felt Windows 10 is smart with this feature, it also shows other applications running for additional snapping and even make smart suggestions on filling available screen space with other open application running.

Multiple desktops: This feature lets you create desktops for different purposes and projects and switch between these desktops easily and pick up where you left off on each desktop. This virtual desktop concept works well, especially when using a range of different applications or if you don’t want to have all applications open on one taskbar. Along with the multiple desktop there’s a new task-view button on the taskbar for quick switching between open files and quick access to any desktops.

Find files faster: File Explorer now displays your recent files and frequently visited folders making for finding files you’ve worked on easier.

Release dates have not been confirmed yet however it is rumoured that it will be released late 2015. Existing users of either Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 are entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 10 during the first year of its release, thereafter there will be a charge if you wish to upgrade.

The BETA has certainly answered many of the issues widely published with Window 8/8.1. Windows 7 has always been a very solid OS and it is well documented that "every other" release of Windows OS should be avoided. If you run Windows XP currently, then Windows 10 appears to be an excellent migration choice. Windows 8/8.1 users will see this as a very positive change, very intuitive and much easier to use.

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