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Dedicated vs Shared Service Desk. Which is best for your business?

Managed IT services offers support to businesses who outsource their IT needs. This can assist businesses in a number of different ways, with the focus being on workplace productivity and reducing costs.

Managed Service Providers offer the option of a shared or dedicated service desk. Both have benefits and drawbacks depending on the type of support your business will benefit from. We’ve put together a list of the benefits and drawbacks of both, to give you the bigger picture when it comes to service desk offerings and what might work best for your business. 

Benefits of a dedicated service desk:

  • Create bespoke processes

Every business works differently, with a dedicated desk staff are trained to work specifically to your systems, giving them a full understanding of the way your business works. Dedicated service desks work with you to create processes and systems that work best for you, ensuring seamless service and a team that grows as your business does. A service desk can be an extension of your existing IT team or become your IT team, either way they are there to support your business. 

  • Highly personalised

Service desk analysts will be trained to know your company and personalise a dedicated service desk for you. Giving you the ability to be flexible with your needs, personalising software to work in partnership with your business. A service that provides a dedicated ITIL team, who work to a framework of best practices for delivering IT services is also ideal when using a service desk. They can assist in managing risk and keeping networks running, not only saving you money but allowing your team to do their jobs more effectively.

  • Fully customisable

With a dedicated desk, there is an opportunity to customise dashboards, giving you the ability to configure the service desk environment to suit your business. As your business will be the service desks’ sole focus, staff will be fully trained in understanding your company and industry inside out. A fully customisable service desk means processes will be created that work best for you.

Alternatively, if a dedicated desk doesn’t seem right, the option of a shared service desk for businesses who might not need the full coverage of a dedicated service but are still looking for experienced analysts to support their IT needs. Shared service desks can offer assistance to a company who need help aligning their IT with an ever-growing business.

What a Shared Service desk can offer you:

  • Access to analysts with broader skills

On a shared service desk the team are constantly working on new projects, coming up against new challenges and learning new systems for customers. The Managed 24/7 team regularly use knowledge sharing and work to a Shift Left methodology, meaning more experienced analysts assist other members of the team when answering complex customer queries. This means that analysts are constantly developing their knowledge and capabilities. Using a shared service desk will give you access to all these skills.

  • Less cost

Cost plays an important role when making an investment in your business. A shared desk costs less because there is less money involved in hiring and training new staff. It really is that simple.

  • Outsource Management

Regardless of which service you choose for your business, you are still investing in outsourcing to an IT Management service. Which means the service you choose will take your IT issues off your hands and become an extension of your business.  

  • Customise your configuration

Managed services offer a range of support for businesses. At Managed 24/7, we offer services from 1st line analysts to 3rd line analysts, offering a wide range of skills and training, allowing our customers to tailor their package to what suits them.

This can also give you access to other offerings such as; monitoring and analytics which supports the key business concerns of network and security, collaboration, cloud and data centre, data protection and workforce productivity. As well as our newly developed Cyber Security service which includes network security, endpoint security, vulnerability management and resilience and assurance which aims to support companies in protecting the future of their business.

Let us give you the bigger picture

Despite all the great things a dedicated service desk can offer you, you might find that it isn’t right for your business. There is a higher cost due to the resources the service desk needs to hire to ensure full coverage of the service. A dedicated service desk often means that staff need to learn your business’ systems and processes as in depth as possible, as they will be working directly for your business. This may mean training and investment in the team will need to be supplied by you to ensure analysts can deliver the very best service.

On a shared desk, the drawbacks are that it is harder for a team to support bespoke solutions that your company might need. The ability to personalise dashboards and offer bespoke solutions may not be available on a shared service desk and although analysts will understand your business, they may not hold as much knowledge on your company as they would on a desk dedicated to your business.  

If you would like more information on any of our services, please do not hesitate to get in contact.



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