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Employees & Assets are no longer restricted to the boundaries of location or device and internal systems no longer reside in one location. The growth in Cloud Applications and Services comes very much from their flexibility. The challenge is in the planning; what moves to where and when, as well as how to manage it all in a joined up way to see everything as you would on premise. Managed 24/7 has four unique services that assist clients whatever their existing infrastructure is and our predictive management services enable us to pro-actively assist in their plans for the future.

Four Core Services to enable and manage your technology & IOT

Managed 24/7 focuses on four core services to deliver a seamless joined up technical architecture, building solid foundations to extend capability and resilience. Each service is a standalone in itself. However they can be combined to create a seamless suite of best in class technical capability managed from one dashboard and one team. Our IT support team is based always in the UK and 24x7x365. 

Customers need the flexibility to have core IT, Communications and Applications based either on-premise, in Private or Public Cloud or a mixture of both. Digital transition has driven commercial and industrial IOT. Having a partner that is flexible with monitoring and reporting tools to deliver a seamless service is key.

Managed 24/7 uses five different monitoring and reporting platforms along with Business Intelligence to deliver at a glance monitoring, reporting and the capability for our qualified technical team to manage all forms of your technology 24x7x365 as an extension to your existing team or as a complete Outsourced solution.

Still not convinced? Let us assist you with a network audit to benchmark where you are and plan a roadmap to align to your business goals. Speak to our customers and see why they don't leave us. Come into the network operations centre and see us in action or request a demonstration of our "See What We See" Business Intelligence dashboard to see what you are missing out on.


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