Revealed: The True Cost of IT

Published on 1 July 2017
With a potential £35 billion lost to UK PLC every year, IT troubles are putting the UK’s productivity at crisis point. On average, a company loses around £1,500 per employee per year. How do we know?

In March, Managed 24/7 commissioned YouGov to carry out The Workforce Productivity Survey 2017. We wanted to know HOW much time is lost to IT issues. WHAT proportion of productivity loss is down to IT. And HOW IT helps or hinders workers. We asked a sample of 2,015 private sector employees. And the results? Simply staggering.

Big problems are revealed: slow running equipment; internet/cloud connection failures; outdated kit or software; and equipment not being ready for a new starter. It all adds up to a state of affairs where employees in the private sector waste an average 5.59% of their total working time on IT issues. If the average loss was applied to all full time workers then it would cost the nation almost £35 billion per year.

Can you really afford that? Managed 24/7 will help you avoid falling into the IT productivity gap.

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We have – and can share with you – detailed breakdowns of time lost to IT by sector. They include RETAIL, HOSPITALITY & LEISURE, LEGAL, REAL ESTATE and FINANCE & ACCOUNTING. Request a meeting with us to discuss the needs of your business and learn more.

Alternatively you can download our white paper, The True Cost of IT. It simplifies the methodology by which the success or failure of IT is measured in modern business. The report is available to share with a colleague or friend.

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